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Comfort Smart

Comfort Smart
Quick charger with USB input for 1-4 NiMH batteries of the sizes Micro AAA / Mignon AA
Part number 1001-0092
EAN 4013674161102
Color white
Product weight 99 g (Product without packaging)
Scope of delivery Comfort Smart, 100cm USB cable, Manual
Warranty 3 years

Perfect charging is so easy - "PERFECT 7" charging technology

Thanks to the intelligent "PERFECT 7" charging technology, the Comfort Smart ensures full batteries are charged precisely and quickly. The fully automatic 7-step charging process maximises the life and performance of your batteries considerably. The innovative charging process is based on the latest findings in battery research and takes a wide range of individual parameters into account. This makes it one of the most highly developed and innovative chargers on the market.

PERFECT 7 CHARGING - The next level NiMH charging technology

  1. Quick capacity test
    Immediately after insertion, the quick capacity test determines the remaining charge of your battery and displays it on the LED panel for 5 seconds. The automatic detection of low capacity batteries avoids negative surprises.
  2. Gentle precharging
    A weak or deeply discharged battery is precharged with a lower current if necessary.
  3. Battery Analysis
    The battery behavior of the cell is analyzed and evaluated to determine whether it is still reliably usable or defective.
  4. Fast charging mode
    The new Comfort Smart from ANSMANN charges your compatible NiMH batteries with up to 800 mA fast and simultaneously controlled. This not only saves you idle time, but also allows you to get by with fewer batteries overall.
  5. IQ switch-off
    Several protective mechanisms protect the inserted batteries from overheating and overcharging. So you can sit back comfortably while your battery is being recharged to full capacity.
  6. Top-off charging
    This stage ensures that the battery is gently charged to 100% full.
  7. Trickle charge
    The battery is kept in a fully charged state by means of charging pulses

Intuitive and compact

The compact design of the charger makes it easy to take it with you when travelling or to have it always at hand during outdoor activities. In combination with a suitable power bank, the charger can also be operated completely mobile and is therefore very flexible. The charger can be connected not only via a Powerbank but also via any other USB port. It works according to the simple principle insert and start. The clear status display allows intuitive operation. The simple 3-colour LED display makes it very easy to read the respective cell status.

Suitable for Micro AAA and Mignon AA batteries

The intelligent quick charger can charge up to 4 batteries of the sizes Mignon and/or Micro. The batteries can be mixed and placed in any charging slot. No consideration of size or capacity is necessary. Each cell is individually monitored during the charging process and individually charged up to the maximum capacity.

Technical Details
Chargeable cells Micro | Mignon
Input voltage 5V DC
Worldwide use Yes
Individual supervision of cells Yes
Over-charging protection (trickle charge) Yes
Faulty cell detection Yes
Capacity quick test Yes
Microprocessor control Yes
Temperature control No
Safety timer Yes
Current Micro AAA 400mA (1-4)
Current Mignon AA 800mA (1-4)

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