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Head lamp with COB LED
Part number 1600-0357
EAN 4013674167364
Color black
Dimensions 74 × 42 × 21 mm (Product without packaging)
Product weight 68 g (Product without packaging)
Scope of delivery HD120B, 3× AAA batteries, operating instructions
Warranty 3 years

Bright, easy-to-wear head lamp

Head lamps are not only well loved by joggers and cyclists, but also in industry, by rescue services, mountaineers, technicians, anglers, tradespeople and campers: Both hands remain free and the light is always at just the right spot! The ABS plastic housing ensures the required level of robustness and pleasant haptics.

Optimum lighting thanks to high-efficiency reflector system.

For maximum light output, the LED is surrounded by an optical reflector system that optimally concentrates the light to ensure a long range. The two auxiliary LEDs provide a pleasant light for close range activities.

Head lamp made from robust ABS plastic with COB LED

A super-bright 1W LED COB LED provides optimum illumination. The light is widely spread and so offers an ideal field of light for close range tasks. In addition, the light also offers a 30% mode, which provides metered lighting, for example for reading.

A flexible and adjustable head band ensures a secure hold on any head.

Super-light, easy-to-wear head lamp

At 49g (incl. the supplied battery) the ANSMANN HD120B is a real flyweight and so is very comfortable to wear even for long periods of time.

Instructions for use

This lamp is intended for mobile use, the included LED lamp is not suitable for household room lighting.

Technical Details

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