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Professional LED work light with replaceable rechargeable battery pack, 4 light levels, swivelling lamp units
Part number 1600-0358
EAN 4013674167357
Color black
Dimensions 176 × 132 × 299 mm (Product without packaging)
Product weight 2295 g (Product without packaging)
Scope of delivery Lamp, charger, rechargeable battery pack, operating instructions
Warranty 3 years

Robust, reliable, portable spotlight

The HS4500R-DUO is a robust and reliable, rechargeable battery powered portable spotlight suitable for a great variety of applications, regardless of whether in industrial or commercial use, construction sites or security services. The professional work lamp ensures that you always have ideal light and plenty of it.

The work light is flexible in use thanks to two swivelling (90 degrees vertical, 180 degrees horizontal) lamp units and four different selectable light levels. The robust ABS plastic housing is also ideally suited to use when wearing work gloves.
The lamp can be simply attached to fixed edges with its base.

Light output

The light output is superb: The LED units provide a perfect, homogeneous and bright field of light - ideally adapted to your needs. The 60 W provides an even field of light across the whole illuminated area.
The four selectable lighting levels (25/50/75/100%) ensure that the lighting can be ideally adapted to suit the associated working areas.

Powerful, replaceable lithium rechargeable battery pack

The powerful, replaceable li-ion rechargeable battery pack with 14,8 V/5200 mAh provides the energy required. Charging is implemented via the charger included. If the rechargeable battery pack's charge level is low the spotlight switches off automatically to prevent damage to the rechargeable battery pack due to deep discharge.

Thanks to the latest charge technology, which has been ideally adapted to suit the particular characteristics of lithium rechargeable batteries, the charge procedure is stopped automatically as soon as the rechargeable battery is fully charged. This means that over-charging is impossible, which ensures maximum safety on the one hand and provides high performance and long service life for the rechargeable battery pack on the other hand.

An indicator light provides information about the remaining capacity of the lithium rechargeable battery pack and also about the charge progress.

Lighting mode

Lighting levels of 750lm/1500lm/3000lm/4500lm can be selected with the four lighting levels.
The battery life varies between 2h in 100% mode and up to 12h in 25% mode.

Delivery includes

The lamp is delivered as a set and includes the charger and a rechargeable battery pack.

Instructions for use

This lamp is intended for mobile use, the included LED lamp is not suitable for household room lighting.

Technical Details

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