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Powerbank 8Ah wireless

Powerbank 8Ah wireless
External rechargeable battery pack with two USB ports and wireless charge function and a capacity of 8000 mAh
Part number 1700-0109
EAN 4013674158003
Color black
Dimensions 68 × 126 × 16 mm (Product without packaging)
Product weight 191 g (Product without packaging)
Scope of delivery Powerbank 8Ah wireless, micro-USB cable, operating instructions
Warranty 3 years

ANSMANN Powerbank – the mobile energy filling station

Who hasn't been here: You're out on a cycling tour, hike, holiday, long-haul flight or at a friend's and suddenly your smartphone battery status shows zero – and there is no charging facility anywhere in sight!

This problem is now a thing of the past, as the practical and elegantly styled Powerbank from ANSMANN is light, powerful and always close at hand. Thanks to the compact construction, the light energy store can fit in the pocket of any jacket, trousers or handbag. With the USB to micro-USB charge cable, the product is the ideal companion when out and about. The ANSMANN Powerbank has two USB outputs. These can supply your smartphone or tablet with energy via a suitable charge cable. In addition, the Powerbank also has a wireless output. This is compatible with the Qi standard. Suitable Qi-compatible end devices can be conveniently charged simply by placing them on the Powerbank. The Powerbank can be recharged via the Micro-USB port or the Type C port with a standard USB charger plugged into the mains.

Powerpack for a great variety of applications

With a charge capacity of 8000 mAh and an output power of up to 2,1 A (at 5V DC), the compact powerpack is able to charge mobile devices several times. The high-quality external battery pack with sturdy housing is compatible with all standard USB devices such as smartphones, tablets, mobile phones, MP3 players, navigation units and many other devices that can be charged via USB or induction charging.

Thanks to the LED strip incorporated in the rear, the Powerbank can also be used as a small torch.

Multi-Safe technology

The media constantly carries warnings about cheap products that start to burn or even explode without warning. You're in safe hands with ANSMANN. The integrated over-charging protection ensures that the Powerbank stops the charge process automatically once charging has been successfully completed. The deep discharge protection switches the Powerbank off as soon as the voltage of the Powerbank drops below a defined value when charging the connected device, thus preventing damage to both the rechargeable battery and the product. The short-circuit protection completes the safety functions and ensures maximum safety along with the automatic shut-off.

LED capacity display

The charge status indication can be activated with the push of a button enabling the current capacity to be reliably displayed in 25% steps via four integrated LEDs.

Technical Details
Voltage 3,7 V
Cell chemistry Lithium polymer
Battery capacity 8000 mAh
Energy 29,6 Wh

Output 1/2: 5V / max. 2,1A

Wireless output: 5V - 1A

Packaging Card box

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