Robust and compact ANSMANN Luminary LED wall spotlight with 10 W
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Part number 1600-0280
EAN 4013674154401
Scope of delivery WFL800, operating instructions
Package unit pieces 6
Product weight 0.365 kg
Dimensions 14.5 × 5 × 17 cm
Warranty 10 years

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Your project, your passion, your light 

ANSMANN stands for quality and reliability! We have set ourselves the goal of providing high quality products for professionals and hobby craftspeople. Our WFL800 is a professional spotlight with SMD LED technology. The reliable ANSMANN Luminary lamp provides optimum lighting around the home, e.g. in workshops, construction sites, industry, household, wooden halls, garden, yard or garage.

High performance lighting power

The lamp creates an intense, bright light through the use of high-performance SMD LED technology. This provides a brightness level of up to 800 Lumen. Thanks to the wide beam angle, the bright light is uniformly distributed. The colour temperature of the LEDs is ca. 5000K, which does not overly strain the eyes and provides a pleasant natural white light.

Robust, impact resistant and splash-proof

The robust and impact resistant housing is resistant to mechanical stresses. Thanks to the IP54 protection rating, the light is fully protected against foreign objects (dust), contact and splashed water from any angle. As a result, you can concentrate fully on your work with ideal illumination.

For indoors and out

The short, integrated H05RN-F cable enables a firm and flexible connection with low mechanical stresses in dry, damp and wet rooms. As a result, the spotlight is ideal for use in indoor and outdoor areas as it can withstand these conditions at all times!

Ready to use immediately

The SMD LEDs require less than 1 second start-up time to reach full power. So, the light delivers full power immediately.

More Information
Color black
Illuminant LED
Illuminant power 10 W
Luminous flux 800 Lumen
Lighting range 38 m
Protection class IP54
Input voltage 230V AC
Packaging Card box
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