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Battery-operated workshop light, multifunctional, robust & very bright
Part number 1600-0355
EAN 4013674166442
Dimensions 220 × 35 × 38 mm (Product without packaging)
Product weight 172 g (Product without packaging)
Scope of delivery WL230B, 3× AAA batteries, operating instructions
Warranty 3 years

Multifunctional workshop light

The ANSMANN WL230B is a workshop lamp suitable for universal use, with the latest COB LED technology and small auxiliary light on the lamp head The handy and reliable lamp integrates itself seamlessly into challenging everyday use, for work on lifting platforms, inspections, in workshops, industry, household, yard or garage. Thanks to the robust construction in combination with the mounting hooks on the rear and 2 integrated mounting magnets on the base, the workshop light is ideally suited for use in any situation thanks to the swivelling lamp body and the clip on the base.

High-performance lighting power

The lamp creates an intensive white light through the use of COB LED technology. The bright main light provides a brightness level of up to 230 lumen. Thanks to the wide beam angle, the bright light is uniformly distributed so that both large surfaces and the smallest of details can be homogeneously illuminated. An additional LED on the head of the lamp reaches 100 lumens, offering a powerful, precision light, ensuring that nothing is overlooked.

Impressive technical values – battery operation

The WL230B is powered by three AAA zinc-carbon batteries. This ensures that the workshop lamp is ready for use at any time, wherever you are. This also means that self-discharge and waiting times due to rechargeable batteries being empty are no longer an issue. Nonetheless, the lamp can provide steady illumination for long periods of time. The WL230B has a battery life of ca. 4 hours and a little more than 7 hours for the auxiliary light. Whether on the road or at home, with the WL230B you always have the best companion to shed some light in the dark!

Instructions for use

This lamp is intended for mobile use, the included LED lamp is not suitable for household room lighting.

Technical Details

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